At EvoLogic, we know that before we ever set foot on a job site, our reputation has already arrived.  That is why we are committed to providing only the highest quality automation services and products available.  We treat our customers fairly, stand behind our products, and consistently provide service beyond expectation. 

Our skilled team boasts extensive experience designing and working on various electrical systems and devices, as well as many years of experience automating industrial processes.  

Our goal is to work with our customers to understand their specific automation needs and then provide the most flexible solutions utilizing the latest proven technology.  We are fully insured, and references are available upon request.

Our Mission

EvoLogic is committed to quality, reliability, safety, and excellence in service. We strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge automation technology by researching new and innovative product offerings and identifying the best applications in which to implement them.  As the name implies, EvoLogic’s goal is to anticipate the future of industrial automation and evolve with the market.

Our Services


Control Panels

SCADA Systems

System Integration

Diagnostic Services

Electrical CAD

Featured Projects

Press Control Upgrade

EvoLogic worked on migrating an outdated press control system, designing new electrical prints, integrating custom built safety run bars, and writing the new logic to bring it back to life in the modern world.  

Bead Press Machine

EvoLogic worked with engineers onsite to develop a custom built bead press. We integrated light curtains, palm stations, E-Stops and programmed the controls to make a safe and well documented machine. EvoLogic also provided onsite commissioning.  

RNG - Systems Integration

A first-of-its-kind renewable natural gas (RNG) project where EvoLogic worked with multiple companies to tie all of the controls together.  From control design, EPA reports, to fire alarms, EvoLogic was there to ensure that the system ran smoothly and safely.

Our Products

Palm Button Run Bar

Made in the USA, press control run bar. A truly plug and play press control solution; one quick connect cable integrates it all. Fully customizable to fit your needs and keep your employees operating the machine safely.

Material Length Controller

Our custom engineered solution to precisely measure extruded product length, and then trigger relays that can then be used for multiple purposes. It can tell a saw when to cut or a table when to drop, and so much more.

Surplus Inventory

Browse our selection of new and used industrial automation products. We have PLCs, I/O modules, HMIs, Power Supplies, and more.