Electrical CAD

EvoLogic specializes in designing detailed CAD electrical prints for all your industrial automation needs.

EvoLogic is experienced in designing electrical control panels for any application. We deliver 2D CAD electrical schematics that have the wires numbered, electrical components labeled, and feature easy to follow page referencing. Electrical components have a letter and number code that can be cross referenced to a process and instrumentation diagram, if available, to easily identify the component on the machine. The components also have informative descriptions to also aid in their identification on the machine.

We also offer 2D CAD network layout drawings for industrial automation equipment that is spread out across the plant. Not sure what PLCs, HMIs, and VFDs are plugged into your plant network? Let EvoLogic figure it out and document it for you.

EvoLogic can also provide you with a one-line drawing that will show you what equipment is being tied back to the control panel and how many wires need to be pulled to each. Whatever your industrial automation CAD needs may be, EvoLogic can design them for you.

Electrical CAD Available Options:

  • Converting hand written or PDF electrical prints into CAD format
  • Creating CAD electrical prints for your already wired equipment that is missing a print set
  • Updating existing CAD electrical prints for the addition of new equipment
  • Newly designed electrical control panel
  • Plant Network Layout
  • One-line drawing showing wire counts to devices connected to the control panel
  • Field termination drawing to show where field wires will need to be terminated