Material Length Controller

Our custom engineered Material Length Controller (MLC) is a versatile, dual preset, count and length measuring device that turns on relays when the presets are reached.

The MLC is a self-contained length controller that is easy to operate and feature filled.  It can be added to old or new machinery.  The touch screen provides an operator friendly interface to adjust settings, view the current material length/count, adjust presets, issue crop commands, view and set the current batch count, and turn the counter on and off.

The MLC comes equipped with four relay outputs, three different counting modes, and three decimal point precision.  The controller can be used with a quadrature encoder, or digital inputs can be used for add/subtract mode or count with direction mode.  Relay 1 is triggered when preset 1 is reached.  Relay 2 is triggered when preset 2 is reached, and relay 3 is triggered when the batch count is reached.  There is also a fourth relay that will turn off in the event of an alarm.

Price: Starting at $2,827

Please call (563) 556-2144 or email for more information and ordering.

MLC Optional Components:

EPC Encoder: $331.20

  • Model 716 Accu-Coder
  • Quadrature output
  • Single 3/8” shaft
  • 600 CPR

EPC Encoder Cable: $143.87

  • 6-pin, MS Style
  • 25’ long cable

EPC Encoder Bracket: $215.28

  • Single pivot mounting bracket
  • Durable powder-coated finish

EPC Encoder Wheel: $119.03

  • 3/8” shaft
  • 12” circumference
  • High grade aluminum alloy
  • 65 Polyurethane faced measuring wheel

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