Palm Button Run Bar

EvoLogic’s palm button run bar is a fully assembled control station for your existing or new machine. The run bar assembly with an optional floor stand is perfect for use with punch presses, hydraulic presses, press brakes, spot welding equipment, and many other machines.  Looking for custom buttons on your operator station?  We’ve got you covered.  Call (563) 556-2144 or e-mail for options and ordering.


Floor Stand:  $471.96

A versatile, heavy-duty floor stand for control bar or palm button assemblies.  

  • Stand height is 35.5” / 39.5″ with palm button run bar attached.
  • ¼” thick metal used for the mounting plate.
  • 3” square tubing for the center stand support.
  • Large flat base for free-standing stability.
  • Machined bolt holes for floor anchoring.
  • Quality welded and assembled in the USA.

Base Model:  $1,221.41

  • Fully assembled run-bar with two palm buttons.
  • Easy-open enclosure.
  • Button guards as standard equipment.
  • (1) Normally open contact, (1) normally closed contact, each button.
  • Conforms with ISO 13851 standard for distance between palm buttons.

Standard Options:

Emergency Stop Button:  $165.06

  • Jumbo red button head.
  • Twist to release action.
  • (2) Normally closed contacts.
  • Yellow Surround with “EMERGENCY STOP” legend.

Top Stop Button:  $120.82

  • Jumbo yellow button head.
  • Momentary actuation.
  • (1) Normally open contact, (1) normally closed contact.
  • Engraved “TOP STOP” legend.

Preset Button:  $76.07

  • Black flush button head.
  • Jumbo yellow button head.
  • Momentary actuation.
  • (1) Normally open contact, (1) normally closed contact.
  • Engraved “PRESET” legend.

Quick Connect Cabling System:  $1,511.00

  • Oil resistant cable with Quick Connect fittings on both ends.
  • Pre-assembled J-box with full sized terminal blocks for machine interface.
  • Includes numbered and color coded wiring and wiring schematic.

Flying Lead Connection:  $211

  • 18 conductor cable with exposed run (open wiring) approval.
  • Compliant with NFPA 79 requirements.
  • Crush and impact resistant.
  • Pre-terminated wires within the run-bar assembly, and flying leads for customer connection.
  • Includes numbered wiring schematic.

Custom Options:

  • Custom operators: reset button, key-switch, etc.
  • Additional contacts for palm buttons.
  • NEMA 4X, corrosion resistant assemblies.
  • Safety Controllers.

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