Press Control Upgrade

EvoLogic completed a full controls migration for this 1500 Ton stamping press in 2020. Before the migration, the press was running on worn out and obsolete control hardware, which was causing frequent breakdowns and flakey behavior. The press would often stop running, but would give no indication of what the problem might be. Replacement controllers of the same make and model had been discontinued and were no longer available for purchase new or used.

So, EvoLogic engineered a migration path to an ISB resolver-based press controller, a 5069 Compact Guard-Logix PLC, and a PanelView Plus 7 touchscreen. These new devices were integrated into the existing control console, and the console wiring was modified for compatibility. A brand-new CHS feeder system was also installed as part of this migration. The feeder also utilized a Compact Logix PLC and PanelView Plus 7 HMI, and the two systems were fully networked and interlocked for failsafe tool protection and seamless operation. 

During the migration, the control console wiring was organized and labeled, and a full set of electrical schematics were created. EvoLogic restored operability to press features that had broken and had been disabled, including ram-adjust travel limits, hydraulic level and temperature monitors, a seal lube monitor, and the flywheel brake. And, some new features were added, including multi-station run bars, a VFD speed monitor, a feeder mode selector, and on/off automation for the scrap shaker and conveyor.

The press light curtains were upgraded, new E-stop buttons were added, and all safety devices were integrated into CIP Safety I/O channels. New HMI graphics were developed to show the press run permissives and safety device statuses, and alarm displays were created to show previously unannunciated stop conditions. New conduits were installed to contain all field wiring, and new utility receptacles were installed separately from the press control power circuits.

With proper planning, EvoLogic was able to complete the entire migration with less than two weeks of down time. Now, the press is running reliably, and when an alarm condition does occur, it is easily identified and corrected. Future upgrade plans for this press include integration of a robotic arm to load and unload parts, and integration of tonnage monitor system.

Key Features:

  • (4) EvoLogic brand, Palm Button Run Bars.
  • Keyed switches set the number of Palm Button Run Bars that are active, which lets one to four people operate the press at once.
  • The Palm Button Run Bars are equipped with a quick-disconnect cable kit, so that unused stands can be easily disconnected and set aside when not in use.
  • Fully integrated automatic feeding system, for continuous press operation.
  • Controller expandability for future robotic loading and unloading.
  • Graphical representation of the press run permissives for easy startup and operation.
  • Graphical representation of press safety devices with trip history.
  • Fully integrated VFD with speed interlock and dynamic braking.