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Palm Button Run Bar

Made in the USA, press control run bar. A truly plug and play press control solution; one quick connect cable integrates it all. Fully customizable to fit your needs and keep your employees operating the machine safely.

Material Length Controller

Our custom engineered solution to precisely measure extruded product length, and then trigger relays that can then be used for multiple purposes. It can tell a saw when to cut or a table when to drop, and so much more.

Magnetic Document Pocket for Control Panels

Magnetic Document Pocket

The magnetic document pocket uses (4) strong rare earth magnets to securely hold 8 ½” x 11” sheets of paper to control panels. Installs in a snap with no sticky mess, and it holds on tight!

Surplus Inventory

Browse our selection of new and used industrial automation products. PLCs, I/O modules, HMIs, Power Supplies, and more.