EvoLogic has years of experience programming all types of industrial automation equipment.

EvoLogic’s programming technicians possess the unique ability to comprehend a customer’s vision of how a machine should operate and then translate that vision into reality within the constraints of hardware, software, and budget.  They are skilled at tuning PID loops, sequencers, recipes, and other control instructions, and they are confident enough to tackle even the most complex industrial machinery. 

EvoLogic’s PLC programming style is logically sound, well organized, and easily expandable.  All of our program code is extensively documented for future reference.  EvoLogic’s operator interface programs stress intuitive navigation and easy data recognition.  We strive to give each screen a consistent and professional look and feel. 

EvoLogic specializes in development and implementation of program code using Rockwell Automation software, but we also offer a broad range of other programming solutions for various manufacturers.  EvoLogic programmers are adept at configuring communication interfaces for virtually any common industrial platform or protocol.  We also offer on-line programming for no downtime editing.