Explore our most recent projects to get an idea of what EvoLogic can automate for you.

Featured Projects

Press Control Upgrade

EvoLogic worked on migrating an outdated press control system, designing new electrical prints, integrating custom built safety run bars, and writing the new logic to bring it back to life in the modern world.

Bead Press Machine

EvoLogic worked with engineers onsite to develop a custom built bead press. We integrated light curtains, palm stations, E-Stops and programmed the controls to make a safe and well documented machine. EvoLogic also provided onsite commissioning. 

RNG - Systems Integration

A first-of-its-kind renewable natural gas (RNG) project where EvoLogic worked with multiple companies to tie all of the controls together.  From control design, EPA reports, to fire alarms, EvoLogic was there to ensure that the system ran smoothly and safely.

Rolling Drag Torque Tester

A custom engineered torque testing machine that EvoLogic designed the controls, assembled the control panel, wrote the programs, and commissioned onsite. Check out the project to see how EvoLogic can provide you with a complete controls turnkey solution.

Automated Grain Transfer

EvoLogic is in the process of upgrading an outdated manually controlled grain transfer system into a fully automated process. The new controls will allow the operator to select the appropriate route for the product, press a start button, and then walk away.