SCADA Systems

EvoLogic offers a wide range of SCADA and communication solutions.

“Being in the know” is crucial to managing your equipment and your business. EvoLogic’s communication and data acquisition solutions can provide the foundation for activities such as production goal tracking, quality assurance, compliance reporting, process improvement, and troubleshooting. 


Data Logging and Reporting

  • Unlimited long term data storage in MS SQL
  • RAID redundancy and cloud backup options
  • Event based data logging
  • Professional reports delivered automatically by email

Real-Time Process Feedback

  • Andon displays
  • Tolerance and rate limit monitors
  • Downtime monitors and alarms


  • Real-time trends for instantaneous feedback
  • Historical trending with navigation tools
  • Date and time search tools
  • One-click pan and zoom features
  • Add or remove trend pens for a custom view
  • Trend templates to recall custom views
  • Trend overlays to compare model vs actual production

    Alarm Notification Systems

    • Dial out over standard phone line or VOIP
    • E-mail notifications
    • SMS Text message alerts
    • Push notifications via mobile app
    • Automated on-call scheduling
    • Alarm specific voice notifications

    Wireless and Radio Communications

    • Ethernet Network bridging with secure data encryption
    • Analog or digital wireless signal transfer
    • Indoor and outdoor radio solutions
    • On-site radio path studies

      Remote Access

      • Secure VPNs
      • Cellular Access
      • Web server interfaces
      • Migration of dial-up modems

      Controls Networks

      • Ethernet IP, CIP Safety
      • Managed Switches, NAT routing
      • Implicit and Explicit Ethernet Messaging
      • Modbus TCP and RTU
      • DeviceNet, ControlNet, and DH+ Migrations
      • HART, ASi, and I/O link instrumentation networks
      • OPC
      • RS 232, RS 422, and RS 485 Serial Comm Links
      • Profibus/Profinet Gateways