EvoLogic offers a wide variety of automation services backed with years of experience.

Our Services

Control Panels

EvoLogic can design and build control panels for any application. All control panel parts, terminals, and wires are labeled for clear identification. Whether you are looking for a wall mounted, floor mounted, or a free standing electrical enclosure, EvoLogic can build it for you.


Let EvoLogic bring your machine to life. We develop programmable logic controller programs for any application, using best programming practices and a well documented approach to make future troubleshooting a breeze. We also program operator friendly human machine interfaces.   

SCADA Systems

Being able to monitor and control a plant from a central location is crucial. Let EvoLogic collect the data for you, store it to a database, generate reports that e-mail out automatically, develop historical trend screens that can be used to troubleshoot equipment, dial out alarms, and so much more.

System Integration

If you have multiple machines and control systems that all need to work together, then give EvoLogic a call to help you achieve a unified, fully integrated automated system. From network layout AutoCAD drawings to radio bridges to remote I/O control panels to remote access to alarming, EvoLogic has system integration covered.

Diagnostic Services

At EvoLogic we understand that when a machine goes down it can be overwhelming to figure out what the cause and solution to the issue is.  Let our skilled technicians help reduce the amount of time your equipment is down, by connecting to the controller and precisely pin pointing the problem.  Give us a call at (563) 556-2144.

Electrical CAD

Every panel we build is shipped with a complete set of electrical schematics. EvoLogic can design and create electrical prints for any application. Our prints have numbered rows so that they are easy to read and cross reference. This reduces the amount of time you spend troubleshooting your machine.